Active in Geneva, Switzerland, since 1859, Natural Le Coultre S.A. is a household name in the management of works of art.

Natural Le Coultre S.A. group is the largest art operator at the Geneva Freeport.
Its 22'000 m2 air and humidity controlled space offer services such as a scientific laboratory (quantitative examination of works of art), an institute (qualitative examination of works of art), a photographer studio, a restorer atelier,
a joinery, a framer, and, of course, secured storage rooms.

At the turn of the millennium, Yves Bouvier, the majority shareholder and President of Natural Le Coultre S.A., started to look for a suitable location to replicate its Geneva business model. Advised and supported by entrepreneur Jean-Jacques Borgstedt, who notably co-founded Asian Tigers almost half a century ago,
Yves Bouvier started to visit potential locations in South-East Asia.

Allied to its famed ultra safe environment, Singapore resolve to elevate its art and lifestyle industry to the level of its financial sector proved irresistible. Singapore rapidly enacted regulations necessary to optimally operate a Freeport, and identified a dream location for the erection of what is now acclaimed as the world's best facility
for the trading of valuables.